Switching to testing branch

I came to EOS by way of Manjaro. One of the things I liked about Manjaro was that I could change from the stable branch to the testing branch. However, I can’t find the command on EOS for changing to testing branch. Excuse my ignorance, but is that even possible in EOS?


EndeavourOS is pulling its packages directly from the Arch repos, so would that not be equivalent to Manjaro’s Testing branch?

Edit: my mistake, EndeavourOS pulling from Arch repos would be equivalent to Manjaro’s Unstable branch. Even this is not truly equivalent since Manjaro may require tweaking to Arch packages and their unstable branch would be prone to breakage more than EndeavourOS pulling directly from Arch.

My point is that running EndeavourOS is more current than running Manjaro Testing.


Testing repositories

Please note: If you are on Plasma/KDE and you add core-testing and extra-testing (and kde-unstable), you’ll be pulling in plasma 6 rc1, at the moment.

People over here [1] are doing that to help test Plasma 6/Qt6.

[1] Testing Plasma 6 (Beta) on Endeavour OS - is this approach any good?

You can change to Arch testing repos. But as noted above you’re kind of at “Manjaro unstable” now. You’d be going even further if you switch to Arch testing repos.

You can edit your pacman .conf to change to those.

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Oh, OK. I didn’t realize that this was equal(kinda) to Manjaro’s testing branch. I ran Manjaro for several years, so I’m used to their terminology. EOS is a little different, but I’ll get used to it. Thank you all for helping out, I appreciate it.

Cheers mate

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Manjaro unstable is normal Arch repo.

EOS uses normal Arch repo.


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