Switching to Plasma 5 from 6

I’m evaluating my options to switch back to plasma 5 from 6, as many things don’t quite there yet, despite that I like new things in plasma 6.
Are there any security implications to this?
Some software/EOS-related kind of things?
I don’t want my NVIDIA drivers to fall off(meaning no be able to re-install them/being broken on plasma 5).

Any instruction for a newbie on how to go with this without pulling my hairs off?

Easiest way would be to use another distro that still has this. To do it on an Arch based system would just cause you lots of issues.


Thanks for clarifying this, I was ready to go hardcore on this one and switch, but thought I’ll ask here just to be sure.

I’m staying with EOS.

As @smokey eluded to, rolling back would probably cause more problems than you might have now. EndeavourOS/Arch (Linux in general) isn’t like Windows or Mac. If you don’t like Windows 11, you can “roll back” via system restore to Windows 10. Linux just doesn’t work like that. And on a rolling release distro like EndeavourOS/Arch, it could wind up being a disaster.


Give it time and it will improve, report issues you have to the correct places and ask for help like you have been doing and you’ll get used to it. I’ve had to change slightly how I use my system but I got used to it and bugs I noticed after initially updating to 6 are pretty much gone or being worked on.


And I enjoy the new features enough that lacking certain widgets is pretty much a non-issue (not that I wouldn’t like a few more to be ported, but it’s not really important in my usage).
I think the good outweighs the bad.


Latte dock is pretty huge for me, I honestly struggle a lot without it. There’s an intention to bring it to plasma 6, so I hope it will happen.

But thanks for your replies, it clarifies many things.

As far as I’m aware, Latte Dock is a dead project. And has been since 2022…

No, there’s an attempt to bring it back: https://invent.kde.org/plasma/latte-dock/-/issues/134

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Great! I hadn’t heard that. Hope it pans out.

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Realistically, the only way to maintain this would be to build all the packages yourself. It would be a massive effort given the number of packages involved.

I’m also a fan of Latte Dock. If it only served you as a dock, why not substitute it with a second plasma panel in the hope that Latte would eventually made it to plasma 6?
Also, it would be helpful if you mentioned what “many things aren’t quite there yet” for you. There could be other solutions & alternatives till Plasma 6 starts getting care.


Yeap, got it.

I did, but it’s by far not the same as I like to use it/used latte dock.

It’s mostly widgets and latte dock that I’m missing, but 3rd party apps integrations like notepadqq are also adding to it.

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Not saying you don’t miss functionality. When I first switched off Latte Dock ( a cpl years ago as bugs were no longer getting fixed), I thought straight Plasma 5 was lacking…but what is it that it really lacks? Latte looks better? Functionality (at least that I used) is in straight Plasma now.
Widgets (for me) are in the nice to have category, but not essential.