Switching from KDE to a TWM

Ok, so I’ve been using DEs for a while now. I want to try TWMS but I can’t figure out how to easily switch to a TWM. Can anyone help me, maybe recommend some, and maybe even help me configure? I was thinking about switching to dwm or i3 with conky and rofi/another application launcher. Please respond if you can help, thank you!

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To swap from a DE to a TWM, you should follow this guide from the wiki, it will help with removing your desktop environment: https://discovery.endeavouros.com/desktop-environments/removing-a-desktop-environment/2021/03/

Since Endeavour has an i3 spin, I would recommend trying that first. I will state that it is recommended to swap to a tty before running the commands on the guide.

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how do I swap to a tty again? was it ctrl alt f2-8/9

If you follow the guide it’ll show you to use tty4 which is Ctrl+Alt+F4.

thanks, I got i3 to start, but I can’t figure out how to close the welcome app or install conky/rofi and configure

Click F1, it will open a GUI for Keybindings. I will recommend reading the wiki for i3-WM provided by Endeavour as well as Arch Linux Wiki.



the first link I don’t understand I don’t have a .Xresources file because I use wayland

@eosuser1000 Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your excellent choice of EOS + i3-wm. It’s an ideal combination I’ve been using for some time and can’t imagine going back to anything “windowy’er.”

Tile managers: All the text that’s fit to print.

Here’s my humble advice: start over.

EOS can be installed specifically with i3 as the desktop environment. It’s a thing of beauty.

Switching DEs from one to another is certainly possible, but begging for legacy hangovers of one sort or another.

Why not just bite the bullet … backup everything you want to save (don’t skimp on this step) and then start fresh - it can’t hurt and can only help.


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I’ve gone between KDE, i3, and Sway on the same install. Definitely recommend @ejm 's advice on starting fresh, as KDE is a bulky mess and doesn’t play nice with some WM’s/compositors.

However, if you want to keep the same install, I’d strongly recommend backing up your personal data and creating a new user to log into i3 with.

To counter some of the previous advice, I have 7 different X11 twms installed and previously had XFCE installed. All survived under my user and no cross config issues. No re-installs necessary either.

I could probably have more, but have enough of what I need.

There are 100x more twms for X11 than twc’s for Wayland at this time. Maybe an exaggeraton, and many are feature complete and haven’t been touched in years.

If the OP wants to start X11 and configure/use I3 or something like spectrwm, they can be good intro twms.

twm as in the twm (tab’s window manager)?

or tiling window manager?
or total workforce management system?

I’m joking but I genuinely would like to try something like twm (tab’s window manager) but function like modern twm.