Switching from Endeavour Budgie to KDE

Hiya! I’m a beginner Linux enthusiast using Endeavour, I tried Budgie(fresh new install) because I thought why not, so I currently have on my laptop Budgie installed, but now I want to add Plasma (maybe even replace it, who knows), but how could I do that exactly without going back to the installer?

Can I just follow the steps from : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/KDE#Installation here and it’ll be fine?
If so, what steps would I need to follow to remove budgie, if I like Plasma more?

My laptop also includes the proprietary NVIDIA drivers and a nvidia 860m discrete card.

Make a timeshift snapshot, make sure you have double backup of your home directory on external drives (this you should have anyway), and just try… You’ve got nothing to lose.

I have no idea how Plasma and Budgie work together. You could create a new user just to be safe.

In the worst case, which is quite unlikely, nothing will work and you’ll have to restore the timeshift snapshot, and if that fails, for some reason, you can always reinstall the OS.


Alright, I have a backup of the most important files, I’ll try it out, thank you!

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The biggest problem would probably be uninstalling Budgie after. You would have to carefully look through various folders and remove all traces of it. Removing the DE wouldn’t always remove these too

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