Switching display managers inquiry

What I want: get rid of LXDM and switcheroo LightDM
Reason: if I run a TM/WM (Sway) on top of LXDE then I think LightDM would be friendlier.

Question 1: what are the pitfalls or things to look out for?
Question 2: How do you do it?
(deactivate service/uninstall/install lightdm/activate service, then reboot?)

muchas for any insights

You don’t need to uninstall lxdm until everything is working.

  • Install lightdm
  • Install/configure a greeter
  • Run sudo systemctl enable lightdm.service --force

Last time I checked, lightdm requires configuration. So make sure you do that before rebooting.

thanks dalto for this great info.
greeter and lightdm two different things but both can be controlled via lightdm.conf?
the arch wiki (https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/LightDM) seems overly complicated.
will keep reading.

Lightdm is one of the more complicated DMs. It supports different greeters which all bring a different look and feel.

I can do the homework and I will–if I get it all :slight_smile: . One last question: is my reasoning sound? something as ultralight and featureless as lxdm would not be a good fit with a WM/TM?

Not really. In most cases it makes no difference what DM you use.

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you are a great antidote to the bad info I get out there on the internets. I find great value in what you say.
I appreciate you letting me bend your ear.
I’m just going to install Sway over lxdm/lxde because I wanted to learn it–right on.