Switch to KDE

I installed gnome on my system and now I wanted to install KDE alongside to it to be able to switch between DEs freely.

So I installed KDE
sudo pacman -Syu plasma dolphin konsole

but now I don’t know how to switch to KDE. Keep in mind that I have autologin and if I logoff I don’t have the button to change DE. So I must have forgotten to install something.

Can you help me?

Try to install the plasma-meta package and see what happens. You could also try to replace GDM with SDDM by:

  1. installing SDDM (check the Arch wiki for that)
  2. Issuing systemctl enable sddm.service --force
  3. Rebooting your system

Some desktops play nice together and others don’t. Gnome and KDE fall into the latter category and I wouldn’t recommend that you install them side by side, but rather test one in a vm or on a different drive altogether.