Swedish friend required

So I have, here in New Zealand, a Swedish dishwasher (Asko brand), and I cannot get replacement parts for it here. I tried my best google-flinging but couldn’t manage to find an online store of parts for these things in Sweden where they are made. Is there somebody there who could help track that down, please?

Specifically looking for part:
from D5893XXL Dishwasher.


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Note sure if this helps, but Asko is actually a Finnish brand, but nowadays very much international. Here’s a link to a Finnish wikipedia page: https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asko
You might be able to translate it with deepl.com or chromium.

It mentions Asko dishwashers were moved to Gorenje (http://www.gorenjegroup.com/). I guess there you could find more info.

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Edit: Not sure if this is what you are looking for. It say’s they don’t do international shipping but your not that far so maybe.

Edit: Also this place has it.



They’re in Sidney, only a 3h40m flight from Wellington. Swimming might take a wee bit longer though…


Shipping … :airplane:

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Thank you! Excellent sleuthing!! And I was told by the actual parts agent that they didn’t have any in the country, and didn’t know when they could get them!!

Edit: Ordered. Will see if they hold to the 3 day delivery now…beats swimming to Sydney; I’m on the wrong coast! (The Ozzie place doesn’t do international)

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So they had the right part in stock?

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I hope so; their system didn’t say otherwise, and they specify 2-7 day delivery on the invoice.

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I just sent you a PM, I maybe able to get it for you.


Just noticed you ordered it.


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