Swaymsg/swaybg is not changing the wallpaper

swaymsg -t get_outputs

Output eDP-1 'Najing CEC Panda FPD Technology CO. ltd 0x004D Unknown' (focused)
  Current mode: 1920x1080 @ 144.000 Hz
  Position: 0,0
  Scale factor: 1.000000
  Scale filter: nearest
  Subpixel hinting: unknown
  Transform: normal
  Workspace: 1
  Max render time: off
  Adaptive sync: disabled
  Available modes:
    1920x1080 @ 144.000 Hz
    1920x1080 @ 60.002 Hz
    1680x1050 @ 144.000 Hz
    1280x1024 @ 144.000 Hz
    1440x900 @ 144.000 Hz
    1280x800 @ 144.000 Hz
    1280x720 @ 144.000 Hz
    1024x768 @ 144.000 Hz
    800x600 @ 144.000 Hz
    640x480 @ 144.000 Hz

Running swaymsg output '"Najing CEC Panda FPD Technology CO. ltd 0x004D Unknown"' bg "image-1.png" fill has no effect/output

image-1.png for reference https://i.imgur.com/E6TdtSq.jpg

Even replacing the display name with “*” has no effect and yes I am in the directory and I also tried using absolute path but has no effect

Relevant sway config

# Set wallpaper:
exec swaybg -i ~/Pictures/Wallpapers/desktop/wallhaven-ex7l5w_1920x1080.png

azote works for me but I would like to know what am I missing using swaybg/swaymsg to update wallpapers as I want to make a script.

Running swaybg -i image-1.png gives the below output

2023-03-15 15:50:29 - [swaybg-1.2.0/main.c:293] Found config * for output eDP-1 (Najing CEC Panda FPD Technology CO. ltd 0x004D)