Sway - xwayland

I’ve just tried to disable xwayland


xwayland disable

but firefox, chrome, leafpad are not working anymore.
anyone is using wayland without xwayland?

Have you looked at this?

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If you disable xwayland, some programs aren’t going to run anymore.

For firefox, try this:


leafpad is a gtk2 application, can you run that without xwayland?

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thanks, I had seen the github page but I’m a little bit worried to change something
if it breaks I do not know if I will be able to come back to my desktop :slight_smile:

anyway the instruction for firefox is outdated, there is not anymore MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 in the config

I did not found it.

anyway also leafpad is not working.
but geany it’s working :smiley:

so maybe wayland is not ready for mainstream?

Probably not if you remove xwayland from the equation and still want all apps to run :wink:


ok, I’ve done a step forward :smiley: thanks a lot.
I’ve inserted in the sway config a shortcut to launch firefox natively in wayland with:

it’s working fine, the about:support page of firefox shows that firefox is using wayland
Window Protocol wayland