Sway screenshots malfunction

hej! has anyone else on sway encountered problems with grimshot? updated last night (& installed tlp for thinkpad battery management), the grimshot script no longer functions.

Please be more specific. What error messages are returned when you run the script from the command line?

It seems the sway-wm 1.9 update removed the /usr/share/sway/scripts/grimshot executable, breaking the EOS screenshot script.

Here is how to fix it:

  1. Install grimshot (e.g. with yay grimshot) manually again
  2. Update the path in ~/.config/sway/scripts/sceenshot.sh to the new grimshot executable location, i.e. /usr/share/sway/scripts/grimshot to /usr/bin/grimshot
  3. In ~/.config/sway/config.d/default update the any references to grimshot as well.

That fixed the problem for me. The solution above assumes a more or less default EOS sway config (installed roughly a year ago, no idea if it changed before it got discontinued). Probably not the only solution, but this should give an idea of how to solve the issue.


thanks, this works!

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