Sway- Labwc Compositors won't run... arrgh

I have installed all Wayland (stuff) in accordance with the wiki here, Colin’s paper and the arch wiki. I installed two desktops (Sway and labwc) known to run on the previous version of EOS (built using the SWAY install) they also run on Debian Sid.

Neither run (at all) on a clean install of EOS Gallileo (post generic Wayland build). Both have been tested with and without the eos sway skel applied; they don’t run either way. FWIW This is on the same machine where they both will run without difficulty using Debian sid. Both of these Desktops, also, ran on an earlier release of EOS (Cassini Sway install) .

I find no error messages…

Any ideas are most appreciated.

I think I have identified the problem as being in lightdm. Perhaps something in lightdm has changed that causes my wayland DEs to freeze and crash.

I can confirm the solution. I did this from within Sway, so as not to be using a display manager. I disabled lightdm. I am sad to see it go. Then I installed & enabled sddm and…
tada Sway starts from sddm. Hopefully everything else does as well.


In ARM when Sway was included in the Community Editions, if I remember correctly the only thing that worked reliably was sddm. What I don’t remember is if we modified sddm or if we used it straight out of the box. :man_shrugging:


I found a decent sddm theme, tweaked it and have been running mixed x11 & Way;land desktops with success for a couple of hours now. (SwayWM, HLWM, bspwm, i3wm) I’m sure I’ll get around to breaking everything, but that’s all part of the ‘fun’. (aka Learning).

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