SWAY first install always ends in black screen; no TTY

Hello everyone,

Could somebody pls help me finding out, why is my installation of the Sway Community edition always fails?

My install steps:
booted into live env from USB
updated mirrors using the welcome app
selected sway edition and then more or less just followed with default options, adding just zen kernel

my hdd layout is 555MB for EFI/GRUB ,60GB “/” volume on NVME drive, then 500GB “/home” volume on a normal HDD. No swap or other stuff

Installation passes without any errors visible in the terminal (terminal window is opened and stays open for the installation duration after sway is selected)
once install completes, I reboot and i get a black screen with a blinking text cursor but I cant even open a terminal session using ALT, SHIFT with F2 or any modifier keys with any function key in that matter.

My hw is ryzen 9 5900, radeon RX6900xt but I doubt that is relevant at this point.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Also to add, I downloaded the installer a maybe a month ago, I had these problems back then.
Yesterday I re-downloaded the ISO from torrent, so shouldn’t be corrupted and tried again, but still same results.

Graphics hardware not being relevant to an apparent graphics driver issue? Whatever next! :joy:

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  1. Try to manually setup the screen resolution https://github.com/swaywm/sway/wiki#display-configuration
  2. You can try to boot with linux lts kernel

It might be worth trying different kernels, though I suspect a newer kernel will be required for the OP’s

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