Sway didn't start after login

I’ve installed the latest Artemis Nova (22_9) release with sway community edition and it won’t start after login. It falls back to boot screen and stuck forever. I couldn’t switch between TTYs because nothing happened after pressing CTRL+ALT+Fn :frowning:
I tried to clean install it twice without any success. Everything is fine with any other desktop.

You didn’t give any hardware details…but I’m going to guess you’re on NVidia.
Sway is Wayland only. Nvidia (as a rule) doesn’t like Wayland much.

Yes, you’re absolutely right. I have an NVIDIA card :slight_smile:

Are you referring to the Function (Fn) key on a lap top.

Starting a TTY requires Ctrl-Alt-F3 F2 through F4 will work. Use the Appropriate function key in the very top row of keys.

Once you get a TTY window, log in as user then type


The login screen should appear. Login and start trouble shooting.


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and if you do follow the tutorial to use Nvidia with wayland + set sway to ignore that it does not want to run on Nvidia drivers… you could be able to start sway …

Or you will need to use opensource nouveau drivers.


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