Suspend on lid close issue

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hii Hystrix,
i have plasma now. how to suspend the system by close the lid of laptop ?

This is in Swedish, but it will get you in the right ballpark:

Screen Capture_select-area_20200912023354

I think it’s called Power Management in English. The one to change is the one in navy blue, and not one of the teal ones.

thanks. it works.
it is called energy saving
although i don’t know what made it not working. i saw the lid closed > sleep option is selected. still it does not sleep. but after i messed with it, it just able to suspend when lid shut by itself, i hav changed nothing.

as i was typing the previous message replying you, i don’t know what did i accidentally pressed… after the msg posted, i just realized my laptop screen is totally blanked… on the 2nd monitor is on… .what turned off my laptop screen ? :astonished:

Since I only got one monitor I haven’y got an inkling on what to do. Hopefully some true KDE wizard will read this. :slight_smile:

When it comes to sleep/hibernation, I assume that you got a sufficient Swap file set up?

On a related note: Swap or not?

I’m not following a whole lot of this to be honest. What do you mean by “Suspend” That’s not an option in energy saving in KDE.

It sounds like what you think sleep means is to hibernate, and “suspend” is actually sleep.

Sleep means your screen goes blank and your computer is basically ready to roll when the screen is opened.

Hibernate means your computer saves all of your RAM to swap and shuts down. When you open up again, you power up and resume from where you were.

Suspend means. . . . well, I don’t know.

If you want it to hibernate, and since you’re not seeing hibernate as an option in energy savings - two things are true. You didn’t setup a swap partition on installation, and you either didn’t setup a swap file OR you did so incorrectly. If you set it up correctly, KDE knows and will immediately show up as an option in energy savings.

What are you actually trying to accomplish?

Suspending will not power off the RAM , so when you opens the lid it starts much quicker .
Also in Plasma sleep means Suspend and not turn off screen

So, technically everything is some sort of suspend. So yes, sleep in kde would be suspend to RAM. Not turning the computer off. Computer will be ready to roll when the lid opens. Suspend to HDD/SSD would be hibernate where it gets written to swap and the computer would turn off.

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You probably hit the display switcher and selected output only.

no, i have not personally setup any swap. however it can suspend… did suspension many time without a problem.
i will post on a new thread regardin suspend issues. less confusing this way.

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actually i am kind of giddy with all these terms…
but i do know suspend is with power consumed on some memory chips only. hdd is stopped. so i can move my laptop here and there without causing hdd damage.
as for hibernation, it is totally make a swap of all those in ram… so that i can totally power of pc…
as for sleep… i have no idea what that is.

u and i got different opinion on sleep and suspend. lol
i say suspend is pc ready to rock and roll as soon as out of suspend…

it is ok, this way solved.
it was that i can’t put laptop to sleep / or suspend when i close the lid… and i can’t find the place to enable lid close = sleep/ suspend.
but i have since found it and it works.

i can accept “sleep=suspend” , but what do you meant by Not “turn off screen” ? when my pc suspend, it always turn off screen… it is blank…

oh… on wiki said there are 3 types of suspend… ram suspend, hdd suspend and hybrid of both.

is there way to know what being suspended when i close my laptop lid ?

i wonder which suspend i have got… i think hybrid… becaus hdd seems to be not moving… i need both to suspend, ram and hdd… so that i can move my laptop vigoruosly… for example, i often suspend or sleep my laptop and bring it in my backpack for a 20 mins journey. i don’t need hibernation for that short duration. as supend draw little power.

i was thinking the same, but i don’t know what button to press to recover my laptop screen. it is still blank…
any idea which button combination ?

I don’t think I could be more confused as to whatever it is you’re trying to say here.

You can have whatever opinion you want. In KDE, suspend (at least on my computer) is not an option. I cannot help you suspend your computer in any fashion without specifically figuring out whatever you’re actually trying to accomplish. I’m not after an opinion, these are the possible choices I can help you figure out on your computer.


These options can all be found under Energy Saving

Yes. Suspend to RAM is sleep. Suspend to HDD is hibernate. The rest can be found in Energy Saving

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all i want to say is, i want my laptop to suspend / sleep with suspend hdd and everything apart from rams…

ic. suspend to hdd is hibernate. ok now i understood.