Suspend does not work

Good day,
I ordered a notebook Asus ExpertBook B1500CEA Intel QuadCore i5-1135G7 with EndOS/MATE.
And now I got an email from Firma

*Hello *
We have installed EndeavourOS, but the operating system is somewhat faulty: Suspend does not work.
Hibernate, WLAN and the rest work stably, but the system does not wake up from suspend (e.g. lid closed) even with the LTS kernel. We have tested this with Ubuntu, Mint and Fedora - everything runs perfectly there.

What should we do, would you like to have the system with EndeavourOS or would you rather we put up a fully working system?

  • think debugging EndeavourOS would take a few days, that’s probably more for hobbyists.
    What could you recommend?
    Thank you very much.

It is hard to say what the actual issue is without any information. It seems clear that the vendor may not be familiar enough with Arch-based distros. My gut response is they shouldn’t be offering to sell you things they don’t know how to configure/troubleshoot.

Of course, that could be unfair given we only have the above text to go by.


Thank you.
Actually I have small notebook and 17" notebook. I have installed EndOS myself. And satisfied.
At the moment I have no time, so I wanted to have a ready-made system.
Probably not possible, must later make…

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Strangely I had a similar problem, forgot to select swap file and suspend upon eos install.

My laptop battery was drained overnight. Also I forgot to change from hibernate to suspend under xfce settings/battery power battery mode.

Now that I have this and added a swap file set it works. Still strange because suspend should suspend to RAM. So perhaps they could at least try that, select suspend and swap file during installation. It’s the only option. I would not bother with hibernate on laptop if that is acceptable to you. I can go a full week on suspend without reboot and then plug in and continue my work.

Or ask them to install fedora, and later install eos.

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I purposely do this and run hibernator on new installs. Hasn’t failed me yet (except on btrfs).

As far as this thread goes, are you buying the hardware, or are you specifically buying a fully working computer? If you’re only buying the laptop and don’t care about the OS, then it’s fine. If you do care, then I wouldn’t accept it.

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I guess, there are a lot of distros and they couldn’t possibly know them all. They offered to install the distro, not to tinker with it. If it were me, I’d order it without anything installed and do the install cleanly myself, with my options and my knowing what went in. Suspend can be set-up to work on most machines. It’s a bit more work on Arch, but it’s not rocket science.

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IMO, if they don’t know how to configure it, they shouldn’t offer to install it.


I imagine they wanted to please the customer, while also thinking to themselves, Ubuntu and Mint install and work flawlessly out of the box, surely other distros do the same. When the experience they were about to offer was subpar they reached out to the customer to ask for his decision.

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“At the moment I have no time, so I wanted to have a ready-made system.
Probably not possible, must later make…”
This is explanation.
I need (want) computer with EndOS, but it looks like I will be installing myself.

Exactly. If you sell it with an OS, it tells me you have confidence in it.

Sell it without it then imo.

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I did almost 30 installs this week and worked over 50 hours. You’ll be fine. It goes super quick.

I have already bought from this company.
Everything was OK.
Below: What they suggest.

LinuxMint Cinnamon 20.2 LTS (+0,00 €)
LinuxMint MATE 20.2 LTS (+0,00 €)
LinuxMint Xfce 20.2 LTS (+0,00 €)
Ubuntu GNOME 20.04.3 LTS (+0,00 €)
Ubuntu Budgie 20.04.3 LTS (+0,00 €)
Kubuntu 20.04.3 LTS (+0,00 €)
Xubuntu 20.04.3 LTS (+0,00 €)
Lubuntu 20.04.3 LTS (+0,00 €)
Ubuntu MATE 20.04.3 LTS (+0,00 €)
Debian GNU Linux 11.0 Xfce (+0,00 €)
Debian GNU Linux 11.0 LxQt (+0,00 €)
Debian GNU Linux 11.0 GNOME (+0,00 €)
Debian GNU Linux 11.0 KDE (+0,00 €)
Debian GNU Linux 11.0 Cinnamon (+0,00 €)
Manjaro 21 Xfce-Desktop (+0,00 €)
Manjaro 21 GNOME-Desktop (+0,00 €)
Manjaro 21 Cinnamon-Desktop (+0,00 €)
openSuse Linux 15.3 KDE (+0,00 €)
openSuse Linux 15.3 GNOME (+0,00 €)
openSuse Linux 15.3 Xfce (+0,00 €)
Fedora Linux 35 GNOME-Desktop (+0,00 €)
Mageia Linux 8 KDE-Desktop (+0,00 €)
elementary OS 5.1 (+0,00 €)
Sonderwunsch Distribution (Kommentarfeld) (+29,75 €)
ohne Linux (+0,00 €)

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Special request

If you have no time, Mint Cinnamon is the place to be.

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Yes, sure, if you know everything plus experience.
Now it will do forced itself, when get problems, there is fortunately forum

I don’t like Mint a bit,
and I’ve already installed EndOS 2 times.

You don’t like Mint or you don’t like Cinnamon? If you don’t like Mint, I would avoid everything Debian/Ubuntu based.

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Interesting choice.

My choice would be fedora. You could then install eos as dual boot and still have your system running Linux for :100: then do a live USB in case.

Or Manjaro :pleading_face:

Kubuntu :sweat_smile:

Elementary :sob: :scream:

I guess the choice is yours :rofl:


no my place … if that choice people give me + need it work out of box . i pick Fedora 100% :innocent:

Fedora great , it always backup os for me .


I bet, being Asus, that it requires some kernel params.
My Asus Rog Strix has added to /etc/default/grub:
loglevel=3 nowatchdog intel_pstate=disable loglevel=3 reboot=acpi pcie_aspm=force acpi_osi=! acpi_osi=‘Windows 2009’

Then do: sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

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