Surfshark VPN Gui Client (my 1st AUR release)

This is my 1st time releasing an AUR package for the public. Honestly, I would have released this on Arch Linux’s AUR repository, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find an upload button anywhere on their site, and I know in the past, they’ve been critical of Surfshark. So you’ll excuse me if I use GitLab instead.


I can see why so many people who previously released an AUR for Surfshark may have fallen behind… They seem to release a new release rapidly (rolling release). In 4 days, I have pushed out 3 updates (,, and

Luckily, I work still at home, online (on the internet). It takes me only 10 seconds (a moment) out of my day to check for a new release. So keeping up with Surfshark will not be a problem.