Supporter/Donation Badge

Is there a way we can get a Supporter/Donation Badge under our user name?
Or is that impossible to connect to Open Collective?

I don’t know if this has been suggested before?

The issue with that is that a lot of people aren’t keen on giving their social media info on there, most of the supporters we have are either anonymous or haven’t filled in their social media handles.


Humm… Good point :thinking: anyway of a way not using social media? Or a optional way?

For people who have already sold their soul to social media :sweat_smile:

Anyway I love EndeavourOS and will continue to support it! :heart: :enos:

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I will ask Open collective if they have an option to connect with Discourse, for those who want it.

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Okey cool thanks! :+1:

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Some of us don’t fill in social media creds because we don’t HAVE any! :grin: Or, to put it another way, EnOS and Garuda sites are MOST of my social media anyway! I don’t have the time for too much more anyhow - have to follow my sports teams, and some Youtubers, and…

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