[Support] Kio-Fuse

Hello! I was hoping that with the new kio-fuse released by the KDE devs would finally let me RSYNC files directly to my NAS server after mounting a share in dolphin. I installed the KIO-FUSE package and rebooted than attempted to drag a file into terminal (which does not support SMB://). Unfortunately it did not work at all. Any ideas?

It’s a bit hard to see exactly what you are doing there…you speak of Dolphin in the first instance, then “dragging file into terminal”? Generally I use SFTP to push files to my server/NAS; it’s rock-solid, unlike SMB.

installed also kdenetwork-filesharing ?

Why don’t you use cifs? Here’s what I do ;

  1. Mount :
    sudo mount.cifs //serveripaddress/path/ /mnt/backupfolder -o user=$usernameonyournas$

  2. Rsync :
    pkexec rsync -r -t -v --progress --delete -s --exclude=.*/ /whateveryouwanttobackup /mnt/backupfolder

Dolphin is using fuse to dynamically mount things when they are needed.

You can find the mountpoint in the terminal using:

mount | grep kio-fuse

Technically speaking, you could probably use that mount with rsync but I don’t think it would be reliable as you don’t control when it is mounted/unmounted.

Some alternatives:

  • You can mount the remote using a permanent mount or via manually mounting
  • If your nas supports ssh, you can rsync over ssh
  • Many nas devices support the rsync daemon