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Hi all,
All the time I read on this forum that KDE is “the best” (I know I know is just a matter of preferences ;)) but seriously. Last time I used it for a bit was when KDE4.xx was here, and when they switch to plasma 5 I’ve almost immediately removed it and switched to gnome. Left aside that I really really like gnome I decided to try KDE (first love is very difficult to forget) and I’m really pleased with it. The only thing that I don’t really like, or at least that I would preferre to slightly change, is the behaviour of the super key. I really like that in gnome wherever I’m the super key brings up the app launcher. On KDE if I’ve soem windows selected (for example konsole) it doesn’t. Is possible to change or I’ve to adapt to it?

Thanks for your time.

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It does for me? well at least that start menu / app launcher thing.

From anywhere I can hit that key and type app name and enter … boom!

If you have some sort of application launcher like Kickoff you can set it to trigger when you press the Meta key.

Right click the application launcher widget (the icon) and select “Configure Application Launcher”.

On the left side, choose “Keyboard Shortcuts”, and set it to Alt+F1. That’s the same as Meta alone.

Like this:

I know that Alt+F1 does not look like Meta alone, but trust me, it works :wink:

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Dumb question… how do you make keyboard key symbols on the forum?

If you type <kbd>text</kbd> it becomes text.



Thank you so much. It was already like that but didn’t work until I’ve remapped it. Oh well. Thanks for the tip. :wink:

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Do you have this key? :frog:
That’s the special key to get help! :rofl:

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That’s a good idea. I should get a frog keycap for the Meta key. Currently, on this cheap keyboard, there is some ugly picture with four squares:

 ⯀ ⯀ 
 ⯀ ⯀ 

So ugly.

But I am planning to build my own keyboard from scratch (it’s going to weigh 2 kg!), it’s just a bit difficult to order switches and keycaps to Croatia at the moment.

I have never changed key caps but the cooler master keyboard i currently have which is a mem-chanical has changeable keys. It is an RGB keyboard with it’s own firmware on it.

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Personally, I only need the G from RGB :slight_smile:

Maybe you need a GGG keyboard! Make sure you get Cherry MX Green Switches!

I’m getting MX Brown, actually.


MX Green are really clicky like typing on a typewriter. Mine are too but less clicky maybe. Nothing to compare it to. They do click!

Edit: Just say’s mem-chanical clicky!

I know, a bit too clicky for my taste. MX Brown are what I like.

Toads are frogs, too.


I guess you;ll have to get the Toad key to match!
Edit: You could get one of each?


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