Suggestions for Document Scanners and software needed

Hi all,

I need suggestions for a well supported Document Scanner and hints, which software to use. The software must support OCR for different languages, output as PDF/A to a folder, automatic filename creation (date_time_extracts from OCR).

“Benchmark” for me at the moment is a Scansnap ix500, which has no Linux support by Fujitsu with paperless-ngx for document management.

Solution for Software-Part looks good with suggestion from shadow359

Good Hardware solution still open…

I’m using this on my android device :slight_smile:

I’m using it for many years now and I’m very happy with it.

You can find it in the AUR →

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Looks pretty good. This solves my problem for the software part. Any hardware vendor, which is known for good linux support?

According to this information the ix500 should work nonetheless with the sane package. This should already be installed on an EndeavourOS system.

Did you actually try accessing the scanner on an Arch system?

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It may not be as sophisticated as you want, but I have been using an HP M127FW monochrome multi-function laser printer to scan documents since ~2015. It works fine in Linux with a plugin available via the hp-plugin command that comes from hplip (in the Arch repos and installed optionally with EndeavourOS). As for software, I’ve been using simple-scan (Gnome) and skanpage (KDE), also both in the Arch repos.

HP may be a good option hardware-wise. They do offer pretty good Linux support. You would probably want a newer printer than I have, and HP has a list of supported printers with a note as to whether or not scanning is supported and if a plugin is required.

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Why don’t you just use paperless-ngx then? It’s in the AUR.

And if you have access to the ix500 you mentioned above,why not just use that?

Sorry, I’m assuming you actually have the aforementioned hardware. Your initial post seems to indicate this. Maybe I misunderstood.

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Thanks, it works. No Wifi support, but with a very long USB cable. :grinning:

Nice hint for the AUR paperless-ngx setup. I installed it manually with podman.

@linux4me When the scanner breaks (> 10 years old), I will go for a HP.

Setup, then as follows:
ix500 with SANE and very long USB cable instead of Wifi (thx @2000)
naps2 for scanning (thanks @shadow359)
paperless-ngx for document-management (will replace with the AUR package, also thx @2000 )


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