Suggestion to rewrite or remove "Idiot's Guide to EOS Maintenance"

Thanks - Please see:

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Yes perfect to read that after you run all the commands listed in your guide and get to step 8.
I think you totally miss my point and I do not feel I care enought about this to continue arguing. Anyways I am not going to reply regarding this matter anymore. It is getting repetitive and it seems to me I am writing hieroglyphs and wasting my precious time.
Good Luck

I didn’t just add it, it’s been there for a long long time. I just wanted to point it out since you were asking for it to be included when it was already there and you just missed it however many times you read it.

Share it, cut and take what you feel is good, and fix what you don’t agree with and post it up :wink:

If you spent the time posting by just writing or fixing it, you’d probably be done already. No arguments required. Just fix it :slight_smile:

I think there are inevitably going to be new people coming in without fully understanding what Endeavour is/how to maintain it. Seriously, it’s up there with MX and Mint on Distrowatch. So, with that in mind, I completely understand the sentiment behind what you’re proposing.

That being said, if someone is installing Endeavour without knowing how to update their system, I really don’t think AUR packages are going to be their biggest problem. The post itself, most documentation, and the AUR’s landing page are very clear that it’s all community submissions and to be mindful.

Here, maybe this’ll get SEO’d.

EOS Update guide for noobs:

  • use yay to update everything (or don’t! pacman -Syu is fine too! Whatever! Just don’t forget to yay sometimes)
  • make a habit of it
  • don’t download the weird packages

Usually disclaimers are not placed at the bottom of a page. That is not how disclaimers work fyi.

It seems this topic has some irresistible magnetism. :upside_down_face:


I’ve witnessed this dialogue in Oblivion before

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Its funny that out of everything i wrote the only usefull quotes you find are those.

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@InvisibleRasta Because the rest were Invisible. :rofl:

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I’m looking forward to seeing where you put it when I read over yours.

It was painful to read all of you, I mean like physically. Another user did mention that AI taint to it all. Because you change character completely later in the thread–or you got more to the point. Eitrher way, I get very verbose too, so not aiming shade or whatever they say.’

So maybe I did miss the point and forgive me.

this is just regarding a practical matter you never addressed: I, and many others, have been using this fine guide for over a year (my stay at least), have the monthly maintenance cut and pasted, and have taken care of our systems with this guide, and have suffered no repercussions.
So there’s that.

If you’re a complete newbie, you shouldn’t run Arch based distros or Arch itself unless you’re ready to mess up your system in the most spectacular fashion. If you’re extremely lazy, you shouldn’t run Arch based distros or Arch itself unless you’re ready to mess up your system in most spectacular fashion. The guide is more than okay as is and one can cross-reference with the Arch wiki if they want to be pedantic about it.

I would argue that perhaps paru would be better now than yay as the pack-in AUR helper on EOS, but that’s another story.

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I can attest to that. Being a EOS and forum user since about 3-4 years, there was a rapid shift of new users who did barely have a clue about linux and this guide was a great way to link to it for repeating basic issues.

Endeavours OS comes with a welcome window where some or all of the topics mentioned here are linked to as I recall. Either to the Arch wiki or EOS articles. Including pacman and yay commands.

I personally see no problem using yay or pacman -Syu command, I always used the latter unless I had AUR packages installed.

New users though will install AUR packages, guaranteed, even if they have no clue how this works. If they dont update those packages can lead to system security problems. I rather have them use yay if I were to give them support.

A disclaimer can be added but seems this post is unnecessarily

thank you, the word I was looking for :laughing:

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I think this thread has run its course.

@InvisibleRasta You’ve made your point clear on both the forum and by email and it has been explained to you over and over again.
Somehow, you can’t let it go, even if you have written repeatedly that you would, so I’m going to do it for you by closing this one.
This way nobody’s time will be wasted. Everyone, including the people behind the scenes, is doing this for the love and fun of it. Let’s keep it that way.

If you have any questions about my decision, you are more than welcome to send me a PM.