Suggestion to add Terminal Shortcut

Recommendation to add a terminal shortcut to Budgie. I have already setup a custom shortcut to open gnome-terminal but would be nice to have it setup by default since this is a terminal-centric distro. First time using EndeavourOS, decided to use Budgie since it’s what I’m familiar with coming from Solus. I’m aware Budgie doesn’t have the terminal shortcut set by default since its focus is desktop use.

Aside from that I want to say fantastic job on the installer. This was the easiest Linux distro I’ve ever deployed. Was shocked to see I didn’t have to install the Nvidia driver.

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Do you mean you want a recommendation for a key combo? If so the key combo for the tiling window managers for the terminal seem to be super(windows key)+enter so that’s what I would go with since that is what I have gotten used to. If you are talking about how to set it up, someone who knows budgie will have to help with that, as I have never used budgie. In any case, welcome to the EndeavourOS forums.

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It is a recommendation to the maintainer of EndeavourOS Budgie since there isn’t a terminal shortcut due to Budgie’s focus on desktop use. I haven’t tried any other DE on EndeavourOS, maybe they also don’t have a default shortcut and leave that preference to the user?

Outside Xfce and i3 (and maybe some community flavors) EOS leaves DEs mostly vanilla, so if Budgie doesn’t come pre-configured with a terminal shortcut as default it won’t come with it on EOS.


There is no maintainers of any DE’s here other than the “offline” installation of xfce. You get whatever the Arch maintainers provide. If they have a default key combo - it should ship as that. If there isn’t one, then that is also what you will get here.


First of all, welcome to the community!

Thanks for the suggestion, we will certainly take it into consideration.


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