Suggestion for Welcome: After install tasks

On the next installer’s Welcome GUI (“After install tasks” tab), could updating the keyring be made the first step in the “Update System” process?


Welcome includes the update button that calls eos-update which does the keyrings. Is this what you meant?
Note that eos-update can be called from the command line too.

Thank you, @manuel .

Earlier today I did an offline install of EOS using the most recent Cassini Nova RS installer from March 2023, and post-install I only saw the button that said “Update System (yay)” – which threw some errors about a few packages in the terminal.

However, now I see that the Welcome app has been updated (v3.68-2) and that there is a new button for “Update System (eos-update --yay)”, under the button for “Update System (yay)” – but I still wonder why there are both of those buttons, in that particular order (instead of just one button that updates the keyring and then invokes yay).

There are historical reasons for the order. The button using eos-update was added more recently, so it was just added next to the already existing button, and both were kept as alternatives.

Probably the button with eos-update is enough, so the other related buttons could be removed. After all, any of those apps can be executed easily on the terminal too.

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OK, thank you. In my case, after installation I just went through these post-install steps from top to bottom [on the “After install tasks” tab]:

  • update Arch mirrors
  • update EOS mirrors
  • system update

and I imagine others might do the same.

After that, I usually use the terminal [for updating] instead of the Welcome app.

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Yeah, it is a good idea to update those system essentials.
That’s why they are in Welcome! :smile:

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