Suggestion for sync app

I noticed that arch doesn’t have any cron app pre-installed and there’s no one of them into the official arch repository, so I would ask what would be the best (secure) choice from AUR. Any experience/suggetion? I was thinking to bcron but being in the aur I’m not so sure to install it from there…


There are cronie and fcron in the official repos

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And you have systemd timers

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I read in a bad way the arch wiki. The page talks about ‘implementations’ and I missed this. I was thinking it was about the whole app.
Thanks guys and sorry the futile post!

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when your topic states the need for a sync app - I immediately think syncthing.

It is a most versatile sync app which can sync anthing.

I use syncthing primarily to sync my releases to the servers (production and test) when I have build them locally.

I can ignore specific files - like web.config so I don’t overwrite the site’s web.config which contains https redirection - while my development code does not.

syncthing is insanely flexible - you can even set it up without having to use syncthing relays - but use your own relay and discovery server.