[Suggestion] EndeavourOS boot options?

Many Linux distros (such as Garuda (wow, what a consequence)) provide an application which gives you the ability to customize GRUB and such stuff. I believe Endeavour should also have a similar application to make it easier to customize such things.
Here’s a screenshot with how Garuda Boot Options application looks like:


I guess most of that can be done via /etc/default/grub


EndeavourOS and Garuda Linux are at different ends of the spectrum when it comes to Arch-based distros.


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I don’t think we have plans to include any such tool.

We leave it up to the user.
As @joekamprad says, we give you all the Lego blocks. It’s up to the user to your system as you wish.
What we provide is a minimal system that can be easily installed to get to started on your Arch Endeavour.

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I don’t even see grub. I don’t understand the point of it - I want to get to my computer as fast as possible and start forum whoring ASAP. I don’t even like the EOS grub. I go hidden, zero time out and remember last selection. I surely wouldn’t want a program to make it customized.

Hmmm we should remove grub all together… using systemd-boot as there is no theming at all no one can complain.

All info given :kissing_heart: