Suggesting an "Issues-Hitlist"

Dear Forum- and EnOS-Devs!

I’d like to suggest an Issues-Hitlist or something alike in the sub-category “Forum” of this board.

My reasoning for this:

There appear to be too many recurring topic-threads in various forum-categories, that simply are repetitive by their content. Not only with the latest grub-related issue(s), but with many other help-seeking new threads as well.

I think, this can be partly optimized by an approach of more detailed categorizing, or at least I would hope that to be so from my POV.

Secondly, we (and the outside Linux world) would all be better aware of main issues, surrounding Linux- and Arch- , and EnOS-related issues in general by automatically being able to see the counts of issues when surfing to such a new category, or even potential sub-categories, like these:

  • Grub
  • Nvidia
  • Windows
  • Gnome
  • KDE/Plasma
  • Bluetooth
  • Pipewire
  • Hardware

Etc. etc. you get the point.

Sorry for this analytic approach and suggestion. But I truly think, this could be an eye-opener for many folks in the Linux- and Arch-, and EnOS-scene.

I am well aware that this would be a lot of work for the limited voluntary man-power at hand to this date, which has been mentioned here more than once, even today.

Yet I think it may be very worth-while, and would like this idea to be “heard” by the EnOS-Team.

Thanks for reading this, yours


:v: :enos:


I’ll gladly offer services to close all pamac related questions, and anything that implies we should be more like Manjaro.

And I’ll be nice about it,I promise.



Many people are coming over here from Manjaro, so that might not be practical.

I came here from Manjaro, too. Luckily, I learnt how to uninstall Pamac before I arrived here. :rofl:


I will be happy to advise where the log tool is located. magnifying glass upper bar of the forum. :rofl:

But seriously, to do this, it’s a 3 step simple process. It would require 1) identifying relevant topics here with a nice summary in a short format. Once it has been 2) upvoted here, it could be 3) moved to a special section by the mods, to avoid having some chit chat in there… this way it is minimal effort.

I also suggest to keep a consistent format with title etc. And keep it short… Max xxx words. Avoid typos. And a link the the corresponding discovery article if available.


What’s the problem?

  • People can’t find the search bar or log tool
  • Posted questions without hardware infos


  • Scroll up to the top
  • click either the search bar or the forum log tool under Help section

usually when you start a thread and start posting, suggestions for similar threads appear. if people also overlook that, then further suggestions will not bring anything.

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As someone who spends a large amount time on a wide variety of Linux forums, I can more or less guarantee that there is no different arrangement of the forum that will result in less duplication of postings. Adding more categories just makes it harder for people to figure out where to put stuff.

Some important things to consider:

  • Many people don’t browse the forum by category in the first place
  • The people who post duplicate topics without searching will still do so
  • We already have a huge number of categories on this forum. IMO, way more than we should.

I appreciate what you are trying to achieve, but, personally, I don’t think this will help.


In lieu of more categories, I think many less categories, but a mandatory like 5-10 questions about your system could help .

Like instead of posting in gnome, or cinnamon or whatever, make DEa mandatory question to be answered prior to allowing a topic to be started.

  1. DE
  2. FS - with swap/hibernation info
  3. Nvidia - yes/no and or mandatory inxi | eos-sendlog
    . . . .
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I 100% agree with this, I always just hit “latest”

I have some doubts about this and the first one is because some users didn’t see the grub pinned post, we can’t hope they’ll use the search or browse other categories to see if there’s is a prior post about their issue. Besides, we can’t be sure that the issue/solution from today will be the same in a few months.

Anyway, to be on topic, I could close all Windows related themes as soon as they appear. :rofl:

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Wouldn’t these categories be good for evolving Discovery pages such that they are reasonably up to date? Should have general advice and tips to update configs and install packages when needed.


You are honored that you are even thinking about this. But…

I was and am on many forums, moderated myself, administered and was also the owner of 2 forums. Unfortunately it is always like @dalto wrote. Always and everywhere, in all forums of this world.
Every well-intentioned improvement in this regard is doomed to failure, because people do not want to search and read anything. They want to get their problem solved, preferably yesterday and without any initiative. Sad, but unfortunately that’s the way it is.

Translated with



Adding more categories just makes it harder for people to figure out where to put stuff.

That reminds me of recent Deepin news & this video. (not related to current topic)