Suggest me wayland compatible properly working nvidia fan control, with hysteresis + interval customization

So far I used tuxclocker, nvidiafan and nvidia-fan-control with no luck, the latter two are well… - to be soft on words - natural catastrophe with poor documentation, also superuser access is questionable in those projects (editing sudoers file, so nvidia-settings wont ask for password, which would be ok to me, but it constantly locks me out of my own useraccount, because of idk :person_shrugging: so its not a solution to me)… The former (tuxclock) doesnt have fan hysteresis nor interval customization, which in turn makes my fans spin up and down like crazed chicken, because of temp fluctuation obviously - screwing up the electrical motor of the fans.

I asked the dev (tuxclocker) if s/he plans to implement the said functions, but the answer was: “I don’t really have that problem so probably not in a while, unless someone else wants to implement it”

I was running like this for 2 days, but I couldn’t watch it any longer that this program literally kills my cooling system…

So I had no other choice right now but to fall back to GWE again, which is a fantastic app btw, super work by the developer, the only downside however, it is only compatible with X11, and X11 is not a good experience for me, because I saw the quality differences between Wayland + X11, on Wayland every window animation and compozitor is so smooth and is utilizing from my GPU perfectly, while on X11 its like “eee-ee-eh” … stuttering as hell.

Anyone out there, who loves their Nvidia GPU’s just as I do, and actually cares its health? Any good wayland compatible fan curve control, with a porperly working hysteresis and/or interval customisation?

Found this and this but I see no mention for wayland compatiblity, so I did not even started to screw with them, to be honest I had no mood nor energy after I went thru all that chaos with those duct-taped “programs” previously.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance