Suggest me a desktop environment

I going to switch to new laptop. Previously I was using Manjaro with kde , now planning to switch to Endeavour , help me to pick an environment / suggest your favourite.

is it essy to switch environment here after installation?


Hi and welcome to the forums, try each off a USB or install into a VM and decide which one fits our needs. What I like may not float your boat and so on. Good luck :wave:


If you’re bored with Plasma, try Cinnamon as it feels similar and you’d soon become familiar with it.

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Try Moksha!



fvwm-crystal. :slight_smile:

Okay will give a try.

Gnome is heavy so started using plasma but I missing that eggetouch gestures to switch desktop windows.

Looking for trackpad gestures to switch desktops.



I like using KDE and Gnome on separate partitions

So I guess I’d recommend Gnome if you want something different than KDE. You could also do what I do and go back and forth between the two

spectrwm, bspwm, i3wm, hlwm are all worth testing no matter the distro…


If you’re on x11, and if you feel that tiling window managers is the direction you’ll be going, then Fluxbox is a great half-way stage. It is a window manager, so you’ll get used to setting up and configure your own desktop. But it is floating, so you’re not stepping directly into the deep end of the pool. And it can remember window size and position. You can check out MX Linux Fluxbox edition to see how it can be implemented.

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The installer provides you the opportunity to select a number of different desktops. Anyone of them is great. I can’t suggest something because what you like and what i like are never going to be the same. I can tell you that i use Kde but i also like and use other desktops too. I’m not a big WM user but i do like the i3 version on Endeavour and I also like Hyperland. If you’ve already used Kde Plasma I’m sure you’ll like the EndeavourOS version. Things are a little different here than on Manjaro since they have some of their own utilities for things that are different. I find EndeavourOS packages are geared towards the Arch base that EndeavourOS is. Once you get used to them there is no going back. :wink:

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Deepin or River.

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I concur with @ricklinux above.

Everybody would suggest you something based on their own preferences. There are those who use a minimal set up of a window manager with no display manager and those at the other end of the spectrum, like myself, who use a disgustingly bloated GNOME-GDM.

Use the links here below for lists on DE:s and WM:s

Do some research on your own, and if you can, install your system with one you think you could “live with” for the moment and try the others in a virtual machine.

Easy is relative to each and every user. It is possible but there are some steps to be done via command line.

If you’re bored with Plasma, you’re bored with Life…

So maybe you’re ripe for a spin with DWM.

Just try different ones and then stick to which one suits you best.

Install EndeavourOS in several virtual machines with different desktop choices and play with them, then decide which to put on bare metal.

It is not trivial to switch desktop environments. Each desktop environment will leave varying degrees of leftover settings and files lying around and these leftovers may cause problems with subsequent desktop environment installations. With enough diligence it is possible to cleanly uninstall desktop environments, but it can be a pain in the ass.

KDE plasma lets you define so many gestures. And the default top left corner opens a great overview of all your desktops with their apps on it. This view has been polished with the new plasma 6, which is already used in the endeavourOS repos.
If gestures is the reason it is hard to find a better place thab KDE imo.

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