Sudo pacman -Syu error: 'failed retrieving file 'endeavouros.db' from failed to connect to port 443: couldn't connect to server'


I’m updating my system once again, but I get this error:

error: failed retrieving file ‘endeavouros.db’ from failed to connect to port 443 after 5011 ms: couldn’t connect to server

I tried redownloading a keyring, but that didn’t seem to work out. I looked up solutions, but this problem seems somewhat unique compared to the ones I’ve seen online.

Hope someone has the time & knowledge to help me out with this!

That server is offline currently with technical issues. Were you able to update other than that? You can update the endeavourOS mirrors from the welcome app as that server has been removed for now.

What is the reason you are trying to download the keyring? That won’t fix this issue and is not necessary.

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Ah, I thought it was something on my end that was the problem. Thank you! The update was successful but there were some errors during installation & some files could not be installed (i.e. yay 12.1.3 tar file and eos-translations tar file). Guess I’ll update the mirrors, then try again later if there are any issues. Also, I thought it was an issue with my EOS mirrors and installing the keyring fixed that issue before. I thought it would fix this one as well.

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