Sudo is not working post-installation

Hi fellow EOS users, hope you all are doing great. As the title says, I’m not able to run commands with sudo. For instance, when I run the command sudo pacman -Rns xterm and enter my password, I get incorrect password prompts. The “Use the same password for the administrator account” option was checked by default during the installation.

Are you entering the correct password? It’s the same password you use to log in.

did you try the command su ?
is there the same prob ? - passwd not correct ?

Thanks for replying, yes I double checked my password before trying again.

As per your suggestion, I tried the su command, and the problem still persists. I get an “Authentication failure” message for it.

seems to me your passwd is broken
in that case maybe you can create a new one by chroot and set the passwd ?

There are a number of different ways to produce this effect, and we have no information on which proceed. Any chance that a different keyboard setting was used when creating the account than is now in use? Are any critical files compromised (/etc/shadow &c) Does the password work OK when logging in? Is your user part of the wheel group? Does the difficulty arise when logging in as root? Does it work when logging in at a console?
The chroot ‘fix’ above will probably work, but may not be needed…

To be honest, if this is a brand new install, I’d do it again. To me, it sounds like something went awry either on your end which would likely be fixed re installing or we can fix in our end as you will have a replicatable bug.

Try typing the password without “su” to see what you type.

Keyboard layout was the problem. Did a reinstall and made sure that it was the same as the system language (en_US), and that solved the issue.

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