Substitute for InDesign or PageMaker

When it comes to picture editing Gimp and Krita covers most of the ground, unless you are a professional and need Adobe for job purposes, but I haven’t heard of someting similar when it comes to lay out of documents and such.

What I’m looking for is something in the line of Adobe PageMaker or Adobe InDesign, wich I have used previously.

Any sugestions?

Have you ever tried Scribus? It’s an open source desktop publishing app that I used when I ran a lit mag a few years ago. It’s cross platform, so you can work between environments if needed. It’s no more difficult to use than PageMaker, so give it a look.

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Thanks for the tip, I’lll give it a try.

Scribus is really good. Using it for a long time now as an InDesign replacement. It’s missing some complex features InDesign has for some special use-cases (like making labels or multiple objects programatically, based on an input file). For book/publication publishing it’s great.

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