Submitting wiki articles

Submitting a wiki article is a request from day 1. Since our wiki is not accessible for everyone, you can create a wiki article on the forum and we will review it if it will find its way to the official wiki or Discovery. You can post the articles over here:

There also has been a request to put a Gaming category on the wiki and we’re going to create it after we made some technical changes in the wiki.
We really depend on article contributions for the Gaming category from all the gamers in our community to make it a strong feature.
The procedure is the same as the regular wiki articles, you can create one over here and then we will add it to our official wiki.


That’s cool - i’m sure it will prosper, demand is very high! :slight_smile:

Also i’ve PMed @BONK about few concerns prior posting my huge Linux gaming guide, need to figure out some stuff first…

Once wiki will be ready i’ll make sure to post my Linux gaming [Guide] and FOSS screen space ray tracing with any game and GPU articles for review! :partying_face:

:enos: :space_invader: :rocket:


Btw, i was thinking about forum…
Have you thought of splitting Multimedia & Gaming to separate tags?

I think it could make little more sense for new users, since they’re little different: one is Audio / Video technical aspects & talks, other is…

Well gaming is a whole ocean of it’s own :sweat_smile:


Done, and all the gaming posts have been moved to the gaming category as well.


Awesome! :heart_eyes:

P.S. Not all though :wink:


Is wiki (or will it be) 100% compatible with Discourse style markdown?

For example, i’ve used some fancy formatting stuff a lot:

  • Details tag
  • Tables
  • Smileys
  • html



I can’t wait to see the gaming section added, I already have some stuff in the works that I am excited to add to it.


What does it mean that the wiki is not available to everyone? Several have already mentioned the same, but I have not experienced it yet.

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It is, articles just get moderated and submitted by admins / moderators so you can’t do it directly without moderation :wink:

Like @keybreak said, the wiki isn’t accessible for everyone to submit an article, doing it this way, we keep the wiki clean.

We are looking into the technical side to improve the wiki, I know that smileys don’t work.


Thanks, this should improve overall quality and ease of transfer :+1:

Discourse’s markdown is super-easy to write complex stuff in understandable manner - love it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. Then I misunderstood because not the wiki website is inaccessible to everyone, but the wiki cannot be edited by everyone. On the other hand, it is gratifying that it is possible to submit your own wiki chapters, because this is not allowed everywhere.