Stuttering after enabling Coolbits

I have a 1080 which at times runs quite loud, and I’d like to be able to adjust the rpm of the fan. After some research it seems I can do this if I enable Coolbits. The issue I’m having is as soon as I set Coolbits to 4 and reboot, the system starts to stutter and drop frames. How can I troubleshoot or solve this?

I am on the 455.45.01 driver
I enabled Coolbits with sudo nvidia-xconfig -a --cool-bits=4

Seems that you have both troubleshot and found the cause of the issue.

Apparently setting cool-bits=4 causes your system to stutter - probably because slowing the fan is causing overheating and/or thermal throttling?

I did not adjust the fan. Simply enabling the option to do so is causing the stuttering. Even when the card is at ~45c

OK, let me rephrase: “possibly because enabling manual fan control triggers thermal protection”.

Try ramping the fan to 90% and see if the issue persists. Otherwise, just remove the coolbits setting as there’s a direct causal link between it and your issue.