Stupid question

How can I install DaVinci Resolve? Or isn’t it possible in Arch?

Stupid answer :wink:

It’s in the AUR not sure if it works.

It is indeed possible

If looking at resolve you may also be interested in the HIP runtime/ROCM in the community testing repos (if using a supported GPU) and the amd amf drivers in the AUR

Thank You pebcak, Rick and Echoa but no thx. Is a bit too labour and think intense for me. I’m looking for a small, easy solution, just cut some stuff out of an existing video and glue various snippets together. Put music/narration underneath and … finito.
You know I really loved to work with the stuff that came with my 1999 iMac, it was perfect for me. Isn’t there some simple program housewives can use?

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Kdenlive seems to suit your needs perfectly.

Have a look at the following list from ArchWiki:

Openshot, Shotcut or Pitivi might perhaps be suitable candidates for your use case.

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Kdenlive? Really? :roll_eyes:
From all I hear it’s kinda professional, complicated and crashy. :woozy_face:

What information that has been relayed is the easiest way. FFMpeg can do all of what you want but its all command line and knowing how to use FFmpeg. Never just hear or read something without questioning it. just install kdenlive and see if it works for you.

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Really? Okay, gonna install KDEnlive soon-ish. Thank you.

It’s not complicated at all, I figured out how to do basic stuff with it without reading any manuals or watching any tutorials. I haven’t experienced it crashing, but I mainly do simple edits with it (pretty much what you describe: cuts, transitions, overlays, replacing audio), so that’s maybe why. Or maybe people just complain about nothing. :man_shrugging:

avidemux-qt is simple to use. I’ve used that quite a lot couple of years ago.

Hi Orca,

Thanks for posting your question (it was a good one). One small suggestion. It would be better when making a post to have a more meaningful subject line.

Iin this case I would have suggested you change your Subject to “How do I install DaVinci Resolve on Arch Linux”?

This would make it easier for other people who have the same question to find your post\answer.

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Cool! So I’ll try Kdenlive. Obvlsy was afraid of it for no reason.

I’m deeply ashamed. Pleez forgive me. :pleading_face: