'stupid' question: online installation Gnome ends with terminal view

i know arch-linux, because in the past i installed and configured my system with arch. In arch, the steps from installation to the Gnome/KDE/whatever UI are described.
Because i like to have a more-ready system after installation, i tried endeavourOS. At first, i have started installation, online-installation with gnome-shell. It ended with a terminal, without start of gnome-shell… but i could start the X-Envorionment with “startx”.

May be i’m a little bit stupid… but i don’t know, were i am; if i would be installed archlinux, it tells me, you’re at the step after installing xwindows and have to configure the gdm or whatever… i took a look in the endeavourOS Wiki but didn’t found anything what to do…

So i tried the endeavourOS Offline Installation with XFCE and all went very fine…

So my answer is… it’s right that Online-Installation end with terminal with gdm / or any Manager for Login in KDE / Gnome or i have made a failure and the online installation have to end with Gnome/KDE/Deepin Display?

Thank you very much…


All Desktop environments will install with DM GNOME should start to GDM.
You may unselect anything from the GNOME package group?

Welcome to the fun forum @Wolfgang :tada::tada:

Thank you… i tried a new installation in a virtual environment and there it works as expected.

By the way… i’ts very nice and clean… all works as expected :smiley: