Stuck on the arch linux wiki on installing a different WM to replace KWin

Hello, I’m stuck on one bit on the guide found on the Arch Wiki on replacing another WM with KWin on Plasma. ( I masked the Plasma x11 KWin service, and I’ve reached up to the part where you make a user unit (.service file). I want to use i3 combined with Plasma, but I have to provide the path to the other window manager, in this case it’s i3wm-gaps, which I have installed, but I don’t know where the path to i3-gaps is? Can anybody tell me where the path to i3wm is? (I installed i3-gaps btw, if that changes anything) Thank you.

Try this /usr/bin/i3. The answer was in Arch wiki

i3-gaps got merged into i3-wm(soruce).

Alr ty, but I got an error following the guide, and when I tried starting the custom service, nothing happened. So I checked the status of the service (systemctl status plasma-custom-wm.service) and this is the output:
× plasma-custom-wm.service - Plasma Custom Window Manager
Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/plasma-custom-wm.service; enabled; preset: disabled)
Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Sun 2023-03-19 15:30:43 GMT; 1min 58s ago
Duration: 40ms
Process: 3019 ExecStart=/usr/bin/i3 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)
Main PID: 3019 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)
CPU: 41ms

Mar 19 15:30:43 endeavourlxr systemd[1]: plasma-custom-wm.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 5.
Mar 19 15:30:43 endeavourlxr systemd[1]: Stopped Plasma Custom Window Manager.
Mar 19 15:30:43 endeavourlxr systemd[1]: plasma-custom-wm.service: Start request repeated too quickly.
Mar 19 15:30:43 endeavourlxr systemd[1]: plasma-custom-wm.service: Failed with result ‘exit-code’.
Mar 19 15:30:43 endeavourlxr systemd[1]: Failed to start Plasma Custom Window Manager.

That is the normal path where executable units get installed. Don’t know why yours is failing. Might be i3 is old or something.

If you want KDE to tile you could just use the bismuth tilling addon. Works very much like i3 or any other tilling windows manager.

Well, ok. Thanks

But to tile in plasma you could easily use meta + arrow keys. Its allready integreated.

In another thread the OP dismissed KWin, wants to use a different W.M., that’s why he’s creating these topics.

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Ah … ok