Stuck on Switch Root after resizing and attempting to fix kernel panic

I have a dual boot system (Windows 7 and EOS) on a tiny 160 gb hard drive. I only assigned 35gb to eos and wanted to expand it. I shrank the windows partition and expanded the eos partition to the left (big mistake). After trying to boot to the hard drive I was presented with a default grub screen but same entries as before. Windows booted of course but eos ended in a kernel panic. Then i reinstalled grub and did grub-mkconfig and the eos grub background was back and after having to do fsck in a rescure shell, the boot is stuck on starting Switch Root. Then I tried to update the system from an arch iso but no avail, doing so from chroot complains about invalid elf headers for some libraries ( for most of the software), and doing pacman -r /mnt gives a bunch of unkown character errors and gibberish characters, while something is normal text a lot isn’t. I am stuck here right now.
EDIT: This is a mbr system if it wasn’t obvious, no UEFI.
Partition scheme:
sda1 windows system part
sda2 windows c:\ drive
sda3 eos

Regular files are ok, but only binaries seem to be broken. Sometimes the binaries themselves give an exec format error, sometimes the libraries. Core binaries work ok like cd, ls, cat etc. work without error. readelf gives errors and messes up characters

Ok readelf output from the arch iso gives normal output for pacman, but pacman complains about invalid elf headers of and that file gives the following output with readelf -h : readelf: Error: Not an ELF file - it has the wrong magic bytes at the start. That means some binaries and libraries are messed up some are not.

Have a look at the following link.

Adapt the instructions to your actual set up, that is if you are using btrfs filesystem, you would need to use a different mount command. Also you would need to mount your @cache and perhaps @log too.

You don’t need to arch-chroot but use the method described in the link and use pacman --root=/mnt to be able to let the “unbroken” pacman to operate on the broken system.

Reinstall all the packages.

If you need step by step instruction, let us know what filesystem you are using.

Perhaps the output of the following command will also be helpful:

sudo parted -l

Check also if the UUIDs in your installed system’s /etc/fstab correspond to the current UUIDs on the disk.

Output of parted -l.
efibootmgr is unnecesary as this is an old bios system as I mentioned

Trying to use pacman --root=/mnt

It’s regular ext4. Pacman works just fine on the live iso root. uuid is ok already checked before.

This looks a bit too messed up for me to figure out. Perhaps other users may be able to do so.

If I were to solve this, at this juncture, I would backup my personal data from that partition and go for a fresh install.

I was thinking about a reinstall honestly. That unkown key: ‘var convert = require(’./placeholder’)’ is nodejs and doesn’t have anything to do with pacman. it seems that a lot of stuff was badly copied. I just hope my personal data is ok

Let’s hope so! Best of luck!