Stuck on default screen, desktop didnt display enter pass

after a while when desktop is idle it goes to sleep, when it tried to shut down the screen i moved my mouse and it went directly to default wallpaper screen with mouse working but you cant do anything else it just stays that way, i had to restart my computer…in the background: firefox and qbittorrent, and videolan on pause. nothing else… endevour is installed no swap, 16gb memory…

Hmm seems i probably should’ve made a thread in newbie section judging by a post by bryanpwo… blame my trigger happy finger ugh…(update: thanks for moving it in newbie section)…

Go with the easy fix first and try setting up swap?

i highly doubt that was the problem… probably kde or something bugged out… what i would like to know how to leave that screen/fix it instead of restarting the computer…

Can’t even switch to a tty with Ctrl + Alt + F2? If you can, please switch to a tty and access the journal entries.

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To late for that, i restarted the computer. I experienced similar things with windows very rarely when waking from sleep sometimes in the past… didn’t know about that command, i will try it if it happens again. And that about journal entries, i don’t really know how to do that…

screen looks like a lock screen to me… where you need to press a key to resolve login prompt or not? but in case it can happen that systems have issue bring back keyboard or mouse (usb devices) after sleep.
you can disable sleep, try disable usb device powersavings… setuop hibernate (resume) with a swap or swapfile…

should show prompt after pressing shift p.e.

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If you ever encounter a similar issue again, I suggest you do REISUB:
[Tip] Enable Magic SysRq Key (REISUB)

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just shift and hold it while press letters p and e?

only p.e. = per example… as other keystrokes will work too…

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Well, it happened again :slightly_frowning_face:. Holding shift and pressing something else didn’t work. This time i enabled reisub, so if it happens again i will be ready to try that method!