Stuck on boot after new install and updating

After an annoying issue with my system, I decided to do a fresh install, keeping my old /home intact. It worked well enough. I then started installing and upgrading the packages I had on my old install, and after rebooting it is now stuck on boot. All the checks pass but then it gets stuck on a black page with an underscore flickering. I can access tty3 without issue and I installed the lts kernel but I have the same issue trying to boot with it. Same on fallback.

For context, I’m using systemd-boot on a laptop with a Nvidia graphics card which should have the right drivers installed. I use cinnamon. Any potential idea?

This is the cause. You can try this.

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Ah that looks great, how do I add kernel parameters in EndeavourOS?

This and this would help.

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Thanks that explains it! I have one more question. I have installed the open drivers for Nvidia but how do I make sure they’re selected? When I do inxi -Ga it still shows Nvidia550 as the driver.


It will not show that you are using nvidia-open on inxi… i use nvidia-open too, and it does not show up different there…

but packages are conflicting.
So only one or the othr can be used.

If you have open installed and you run initramfs rebuild you will use it.