Stuck at the latest step on BRTFS with timeshift tutorial

Long story short, I reinstalled EOS on my HTPC machine.
Follwed the tutorial
Everything went fine, but the last command
sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
gives an error :
/usr/bin/grub-mkconfig: línea 270: /boot/grub/ File or folder does not exist

Here is some log info

What I am doing wrong?

23:27:48 [6]: virtual void PartitionViewStep::onActivate()
    The bootloader is  "systemd-boot" 
23:27:48 [6]: virtual void PartitionViewStep::onActivate()
    The efi location is  "/efi"

Looks like you have chosen systemd-boot in the installer and not grub.

Kinda pebcak error, realized that cat /boot/bootcfg does not exists. So it must be systemd
Now, what is the best angle to integrate auto-snap, reinstall with grub and have it as in tutorial, or something else?

That’s my kind of stuff :wink: :sweat_smile:

If you want to have a Btrfs system with the possibility to boot into your snapshots from Grub boot menu, then you would need to have Grub.

Now, most probably, you could convert your current installed system to Grub but I am afraid I don’t know all the steps how to do it. @dalto might be able to help?

Otherwise, renistall and choose Grub in the installer.

If you just installed, it is probably easier to reinstall than to convert to grub.

That’s what I did. All the data is stored on the NAS anyway.

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