Stuck at "systemd rebooting"?

It started to happen since yesterday. When I try to reboot, a lot of cyan text goes rapidly up in the terminal, and they get cleared. And then a bunch of systemd message are printed, and with “rebooting” at the last line, the system gets stuck there. I have waited a lot, but it never rebooted.

I used Timeshift to go back, and it removed this problem, but after updating the system, it happened again.

I wonder if other people are experiencing this, too.

on one of my 3 laptops (thinkpad t14) since update from today the machine does not poweroff anymore. Stuck at: reached target poweroff and an info that filesystems are being synced, but does not power off. I have not tested with lts kernel. Currently using latest 6.8.x

Have not investigated further. Will just wait until next update and if still exist report to kernel team.

See another thread here:

Does that have an Intel WiFi/BT chip? The kernel issue in the other post mentioned that, and my laptop does have an Intel WiFi/BT chip. However, even with both WiFi/BT disabled, it still gets stuck at “sysyemd-shutdown[1]: Rebooting.”

PS: Also, I checked the boot log and it had that BT null ptr bug.

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