Stuck at audit after install (likely Nvidia related)

The live ISO boots without issue. I then install (Gnome flavor) onto the SSD drive and reboot. Unfortunately once I boot it just gets stuck at an audit. See screenshot:

I suspect it has something to do with Nvidia, as this does only happens if I install with Nvidia drivers. I also tried installing without Nvidia, booting (successfully), and then installing the drivers using the nvidia-installer-dkms script. The script runs successfully, but once I boot I just get the same issue (stuck at audit).

Any ideas? Thanks!

can you return

inxi -Fza

Likely nothing to do with “audit” and much more likely due to an issue with the NVIDIA driver, e.g. not being installed correctly or using the wrong driver version or hitting the Intel ibt=off issue.

See also:

Yes, and thanks for the help. Here are the results of running “inxi -Fza”:

I assume so (that it’s a problem with the Nvidia driver install), but unsure how to resolve as it’s the standard Endeavour ISO install. I’m using a fresh ISO (downloaded yesterday), and I tried reinstalling 5 times already - it’s the same issue every time. Once I reboot after the installation is done it gets stuck on the audit message I shared above.

I tried the steps in the article you linked to (thanks!). May be worth noting, as a side note, that audit messages continue to pop up in the terminal (I access it via Ctrl+Alt+F2 , of course).

“sudo reflector -a6 -f5 --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist” seems to fail to access a lot (and I mean - a lot) of the mirrors. Lots of messages about rsync failing, etc. Not sure if this is normal.

“sudo pacman -Syyu” runs fine. It updates just a single package (the welcome package) but I guess this is reasonable, as it’s a fresh install so should be up to date.

“startx” fails. It creates a log file, though. Sharing in case it helps:

“sudo dkms autoinstall” seems to do nothing. Just returns immediately with no message.

Thanks again for any help/ideas.

So I tried installing Ubuntu (22.04) on the same machine, and had the same issue - live ISO loaded fine, but after installation the DE fails to load, similar to the above. Looks like Nvidia drivers related there too.

As Ubuntu (once installed) gives the option to load an earlier kernel, I tried that - and interestingly the earlier kernel did manage to load. At that point I (re?)installed the Nvidia drivers (using apt), and magic - that solved it, I then managed to boot to the newer kernel too.

So definitely (as far as I can tell) Nvidia drivers related, and seems to affect other distros too (at least Ubuntu). Any ideas on how to solve for Endeavour are welcome :slight_smile:

I had the same issue, with gpu rtx2070s

Did you try adding

to your kernel parameters?