"Strange" Wireless adapter name convention

I’m new to EndeavourOS. When I use the command "ip a " to have a look to the network adapters I see "enp4s0f1 "for the ethernet adapter (which is the standard convention name for eth adapters) but I see the generic “wlan0” for the wireless name adapter. This is (in my opinion) a little bit weird because this was the old name convention for wireless adapter. When I used other distributions the name for the wireless network adapter was something like “wl…”.
Is that normal?
Thank you very much in advance for your help and your patience.

It seems to depend on the driver and how the device is connected. For example, I have a PCI-attached device and it’s listed as wlp7s0. Perhaps yours is USB-attached?

on mine it sees 2 adapters for the same connection, wlan0 and wlan1

Thank you for your replay.
No my device is an internal device. This strange phenomenon appears on all my 3 laptopos where I have installed EndeavourOS. They are three different machines. Before EndeavourOS on all the machines was installed Manjaro and the names of the devices where correct (wl…).
Any other idea?
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hello @porcaror and welcome to the community :grinning:

That doesn’t mean it’s not USB-connected. :wink:


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Thank you for your reply.
So this behaviour is not only mine.
Before these I had Manjaro installed and the device names were appropriate.
I think it is weirs.
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You are right, but why did it work properly in Manjaro?
Thanks for the link, I will read it.

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In Manjaro my device was wlp2s0 , on EOS it’s wlan0. Ethernet being the same .

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Veracrypt mounted volumes on /mnt by default on Mj , but on EOS it’s mounted on /media

Exactly the same for me.
This is strange in my opinion.