Strange Vertical lines on boot

Goodmorning to everyone, I am writing because each time I boot into the system a strange vertical colored line appears. This is not a problem itself because after that everything goes fine and I can use Endevour os. But still is kind of annoying to see this happening every single time.
Computer is a MacBook Air 2017, graphic card Intel HD. I will attach also a photo.
Can anyone know how to solve this problem? Thank you.

It looks like GRUB is setting the wrong video mode during boot. Try setting a different graphics mode as per:


i would suggest the same as @jonathon set gfx mode resolution in grub and regenerate the grub.cfg…

To get a list of usable resolutions you can check from grub prompt:
or as wiki suggests with hwinfo --framebuffer or simply try the resolution you are using on DE level :wink:
per example does not ned the rr… like the wiki gives (x32)

First of all thank you to both of you for answering me. videoinfo is not giving any result same for hwinfo --framebuffer(this command i tried to run with sudo but still nothing). Finally I also tried GRUB_GFXMODE=1024X768 but still facing the same issue of vertical colored lines. And I also tried my screen resolutions(1440x900) but still nothing.

Also I tried to reboot to see if something else happens and indeed instead of the coloured vertical lines i this time have this, some strange things

It’s the same thing, there’s just something in the graphics buffer to display this time.

If the issue is because of grub resolution, I would disable this setting in /etc/default/grub


keep maintains grub resolution, instead of letting the kernel/system change it during boot (black screen with scrolling info) time.

no work. have same on 2015 Air. small detail for 2sec it no worry me ( no really look at boot up )

What no work? Please try to use more words. I am no English native as well… :person_shrugging:

:pray: i thai !! … 555 we in trouble ( english no my native )

If the issue is because of grub resolution, I would disable this setting in /etc/default/grub


i try this two day ago .


Then it probably doesn’t have to do with grub, or fix it changing grub itself IMHO.
The last thing I would do is search journal boot process for messages related to frame buffer (something with fb).
For completion, post system info

inxi -Faz

it no worry me . small detail for me, i think best i say

i try what you say in your post two day ago but it no work

( save op trouble )

Edit .i no try ( 915resolution hack ) on wiki ( if it stress you )

" "

(Edit 2)… i dig into journal . another thing look at is this part… ( if it stress you ) maybe look your journal

" If this method does not work for you, the deprecated vga= method will still work. Just add it next to the "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=" line in /etc/default/grub for example: "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash vga=792" will give you a 1024x768 resolution. "

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I will try the 915resolution hack tomorrow, see if this can fix it. Otherwise I will not look when the computer is booting. Thank you everyone.