Strange update message

I just got my Lenovo thinkpad updated on Cinnamon, haven’t updated for about two weeks.

After the update, 115 packages, it says, checking keys in keyring, downloading required keys…

and I get the strange message "Import PGP key xxxx, “Sergej Pupykin”? [Y/n]

Who is Sergej pumpkin, have I been hacked???

… is a Arch repo package maintainer.

Did you have an update to archlinux-keyring as well?

Try installing it first:

sudo pacman -Syy archlinux-keyring

sudo pacman -Syu

I’ve got actually two different keys from him:

89E7B9331C4AE7D7FAF7D305C132293954BBE4AD 3E518BF2526FD1979E8AAE4965C110C1EA433FC7

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thanks for the response, have to run home from work… but let me check, what are these keys for, signatures for packages?

:rofl:thanks god it’s not a cyber attack on my computer, sorry but the package maintainer has a rather suspicious name combination. No offense.

They are to make sure of that the packages are signed by its “author”, an authenticity check.

You can have a look here for more on the subject:

No, nothing that exciting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sweat_smile:


thanks! just never seen that or did not pay attention previously.

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I can’t check right now, but isn’t archlinux-keyring normally installed by default?

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sure but reinstalling also redownload all the keys updated and working.

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It is, but the keys get updated. Sometimes, you need to update it first before updating the packages that are signed with the keys inside it.

pacman -Sy packages doesn’t only install packages, it also updates them if they are already installed.

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whoof exactly the same time :wink:


You were a bit faster.

I saw this on my laptop when using archfi yesterday, i was like um… haha

Thanks @pebcak @dalto @joekamprad

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Well I was at work, finishing Friday last minute update then read spupykin which my brain probably interpret as pumpkin plus spy = spupykin. Was just surprised to see an email in my update. The rest is just my stupid humor. :rofl:


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