Strange update interaction on two separate computers?

I typically update all my computers at the same time. Today I updated one of them and it had the newest Kernel (6.01) and a lot of kde packages. When I tried updating the other system, all of the KDE packages were updated to the latest with a warning in terminal stating that the packages were newer then the ones previously installed. The newest kernel 6.01 (I’m running 5.19 on this system I’m writing this on) doesn’t appear anywhere after I do my usual pacman -Syu. What’s going on with the servers? I also use the ‘welcome’ app to appy the updates from time to time and also update the mirrors both ‘Arch’ and ‘Endeavour’ and still I’m amiss as to what is happening here. . .


Kernel 6 is just went into repos… so it could be not all mirrors are in sync now and in addition some in your list could be not syncing at all at the very moment.

So I would go updating your mirror lists and start a full system update again.

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Thanks for the heads up. . . .I’ve just updated my backup SSD with all the latest ‘good’ stuff.
Much appreciated. . .

Rich :wink: