Strange compositor glitch in KDE 5.17

Hello, hello! It’s been some time, but I’m in need of aid. (And sorry if this isn’t the right forum ^-^)
I’m using a GT 730 nvidia graphics card with the nvidia DKMS installer setup. I just today got KDE 5.17 and for whatever reason, applications don’t seem to be visible at all from their windows, but the task manager shows what’s going on.
The only way to fix this that I know of is to switch off compositing and turn it back on, but this happens every login. I honestly can’t use my computer without the compositor, I need my fullscreen magnification to see. I hope someone can help, thanks!

Must be some glitch in the new KDE version. As I’m not using KDE, I can’t directly help much.

But a workaround might be possible. There must be a settings file somewhere that knows whether compositing is on or off. If that file is known (and I don’t know which file it is), then probably a simple script could do switching compositing off and on. In addition, calling the script can be automated in the autostart feature (but then again, autostart in KDE may have some issues in general in my previous experience with KDE).

So, for this workaround, the question is to find that settings file.

EDIT: is there a key combination that you use for setting compositing on and off?

EDIT2: do commands

kwriteconfig5 --file kwinrc --group Compositing --key Enabled false
kwriteconfig5 --file kwinrc --group Compositing --key Enabled true

turn the feature off and on?
You may need to run also command kwin_x11 --replace to have the effects working.

NOTE: I didn’t try these commands, so I’m not sure what they do. Just found them in the internet… :slight_smile:

The file seems to be ~/.config/kwinrc.

Hopefully I’m not misleading you. :sweat_smile:

@Maddi I am running KDE on virtual box so it’s using the vbox driver and not my Nvidia GTX1060 with no issues. So it could be an issue with the Graphics but it could also be something else. Sorry i can’t be more helpful. Maybe you can check the Nvidia install?

It’s okay, both of you! :slight_smile:
I’ll be sure to try the workaround, but running it right now seems to not have any effects be disabled. so a simply kwin_x11 --replace may be in order, so thanks for the idea @manuel! I hope they get to fix this soon.