Stop wifi from autoconnecting when wired ethernet is connected

Hey Folks,

I’d like to stop wifi from autoconnecting when wired ethernet is connected. When wired ethernet is disconnected I’d like wifi to automatically reconnect to my network. Any ideas how such a thing can be achieved?


I’m not sure what desktop you are using? On Kde if i right click on the network icon and configure network connections i can set the wireless connection by unchecking the box automatically connect with priority. Not sure on other desktops without looking at their connection properties. Place to start anyway. :wink:

I am using xfce. I already had a look into the settings but from the panel the “right-click menu” does not provide much options in that regard… :confused:

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I’m not sure on xfce. I don’t have it installed currently.

I don’t think you can stop wifi from connecting, but with the right click, you can edit the connections and set different priority for each connection. The priority number for ethernet must higher than the wifi’s, the system will try to connect with the ethernet first.