Stop and take a breath!

Since I am dealing with a personal issue, I wasn’t going to deal with Endeavour but since my mailbox almost exploded, I decided to write this post.

I simply can’t believe what is happening on the forum and all because of different visions not mixing with each other.
This community is created with a distro in its centre and the discussion, that has derailed massively, has got nothing to do with this Linux distro at all.

So, I’m going to take stand that I hoped never was necessary.

This forum was and is known for its friendly help towards anyone who has a question, issue or tip concerning EndeavourOS, an Arch-based system for Arch users without the infamous Arch attitude.

The last time I’ve checked our OS code, I couldn’t detect a political colour, race, sexual orientation, conspiracy plots or other things in that direction. It is simply a way to make your computer run a system that isn’t linked to a major tech company.

However, the latest discussion prevents other users from simply asking or remarking on the distro and that is not the purpose of this community. Therefore I refuse to take stand in this discussion.

Let’s go back to the main focus of this forum in helping each other with EndeavourOS and keep your personal and political views outside the forum.

Everyone in the team earned their way in, simply because they have donated a lot of time in the community. I will certainly not make decisions based on ONE discussion that derailed and also has got NOTHING to do with EndeavourOS.

This has worked on this forum for a year with success and if you can’t put aside your personal or political view, then this is not the community for you.

We’ve worked very hard to get this distro from the ground, it would be a waste if it all ended because of a community that decided to shift the focus on political and personal views instead of the main product, EndeavourOS


Dear Bryan,

Frankly, what I’m going to write is none of my business but I’m going to suggest that, if you or any of the moderators, see a post or thread which is antithetical to what this forum is all about, the post or thread in question should be immediately deleted by you and the person who wrote it should receive a warning (preferably privately).

Any further action on your part would be strictly up to you.

I hope that you’ll take this post in the spirit in which it is intended.

Thank you - and a very big thank you to everyone associated with the creation and maintenance of EndeavourOS. I can’t tell you how many times I have been helped by people on this forum and I hope that it will stay as it is and has been: in my opinion, the finest Linux forum there is.



Right, why do you have to add your mustard, it’s all said. The admin and moderators don’t need advice on how to handle it.

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Except they handled it pretty poorly. So they need to drown in mustard.

Just like the American Police force, they need some re-training.

Afterwards one is always smarter but there are no need for instructions from outside.