Still Searching For the Player that has This Hot key

Hey Guys !!
The above ss is of Pot Player (Windows)

i want same function on the linux too !!
any one have the solution ?

The function is : If we click the Esc Key on the keyboard it automatically pauses the video and minimizes it into taskbar/tray…

I have tried “Boss Key” of VLC
but that wont work with Fullscreen…

I want that function while in full screen !!

anyone can help me getting that ?


Not exactly what you’re looking for, but Smplayer has an option to pause the video when the window is minimized.

6 extra/alltray (76.6 KiB 207.5 KiB) 
    Drops any app in the tray.

Though it will probably not work on wayland.

Alltray ? I don’t see what you mean. It’s the minimized window.

Minimize to tray is what OP wants.

There is also kdocker:

1 aur/kdocker 5.4-1 (+26 0.00) (Installed: 5.4-1.3)
    An application to help you dock any application into the system tray

Definitely does not work on wayland.

He said taskbar/tray :grinning:.

He means tray! Any numpty can minimize to taskbar.

But not just by pressing Escape.

Hey @BRiAN1 ,
I would not call this a perfect solution or workaround:
Install ydotool

ydotool key 164:1 164:0 # Pause
ydotool key 125:1 32:1 32:0 125:0 # Show desktop (Super+D)

Assign shortcut Esc to this script. I tested it and seems to work. could be an alternative but I was not able to use it.